Online Resources for Enhancing Listening and Pronunciation Instruction
Compiled by Robert Wachman

Listening Comprehension

  • Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab: About 160 brief, realistic, often humorous dialogues—easy to difficult—on a variety of topics; self-scoring listening comprehension quizzes, vocabulary activities, and transcripts

  • Story Corps: short, natural, very personal conversations and monologues, many on difficult topics, organized by theme, good for high intermediate or advanced learners

  • English Central: Videos and courses on a variety of topics and levels, addressing a variety of skills; responds to oral input of user. Requires free registration for extensive access.

  • Listening Master!: A great game! One of my students’ and my favorites! Listen to brief lectures at three levels—Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced—and answer multiple choice questions. TV game show format and feedback from “Miss Grinch” on each answer make this a lot of fun and even comical. Site also has links to other activity types and skill targets.

  • Many Things: Listen and Read Along: (Flash/MP3)—Short to long narratives shown visually line by line and spoken slowly. User can have the program repeat each sentence multiple times. (Site is very slow at times of heavy use.)
  • Many Things: Learn a Song (variety of digital formats).

  • Real English: Videos of “real people” recorded in public places in the USA with exercises, beginning to intermediate levels

  • elllo (English Listening Lesson Library Online): natural monologues and conversations recorded by English speakers from many countries; transcripts, quizzes.

  • English Listening: Variety of speakers, levels, difficulty; some free, some for a fee.

  • Agenda Web Listening Exercises: Stories read slowly; text with blanks to be filled; page 3 has sentences and stories, some illustrated, some with quizzes. Interesting variety of formats.

Listening Discrimination

  • A Listening Discrimination Quiz (on ordinal numbers) from Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab “Basic Listening Quizzes.”

  • Minimal Pairs (Many Things American English Pronunciation Practice): Game-like minimal pair practice using Flash and MP3 files.

Pronunciation Features

  • English : explanatory pages on a variety of pronunciation features including Word Stress, Sentence Stress, Linking, Homophones, Minimal Pairs, etc.

  • Sounds of Englishby Sharon Widmayer and Holly Gray: contrasting vowel and consonant sounds + stress and intonation; Lessons and Activities section includes printable pdf masters for games

  • Marsha Chan, The Pronunciation Doctor : Fun, entertaining, expert video instruction; series of videos based on Marsha’s textbooks including Phrase by Phrase, English for Child Care, and College Oral Communication.

Suprasegmentals (Stress, Intonation, Rhythm, Linking, Thought Groups)
Segmentals (Sounds)

More Audio and Video Sites and Tools

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